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Industrias Maro S.A.
Historia de la Compañia
Industrias Maro S.A.   It was founded in 1978 by Mr. Manuel Rodriguez. MARO S.A. is a family company that has specialized in making auto parts.

During our growing process we realized that the team work together with communication in the stage of management is basic to improve the circulation of the information and dynamize the personnel. This let us have a continuous growing rhythm in the company.

About our work, this is planned, done and consensus with the customers, considering their expectations, applicable rules and wishes, incorporating the most advanced technology.
As a result, our products and services are well known due their Excellency, and they surpass the requirement of the market.

Our continuous growing has let us to have a workplace of 125.00 sq meters, with a covered surface of 11.000 sq meters and 1.000 sq meters of offices and dorms, in which our personnel of our previous plant in Caseros stay from Mondays to Fridays. Our new plant is located in the city of Baradero in the northern part of the province of Buenos Aires.

This plant in Baradero started on November 12th 2008, thanks to the effort and continuity of two generations. It was founded by Rodriguez Manuel and now it is in the hands of Rodríguez Walter (President) and Rodríguez Diego (Vice President) who follow the steps of Rodríguez Manuel, with highest quality and the best technology to satisfy our customers.

During the opening ceremony, we were honored with the attendance of the President of Toyota Argentina and the most important staff of the company. Toyota has always supported us even in the most difficult times, like in the year 2001, when the total amount of produced cars reached 60,000 units a year; they chose us to be the suppliers.

We know that the automobile industry will keep on growing in this region, specially in our country, and because of this, we are getting ready to deal with all the challenges that will appear during this growing process.
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