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  Maro Stamping and Welding
-input welding, manual and robotic.
-welding, and air pedal.

For the production of stamped parts we have:
-Line of presses up to 650 tons.
-Automatic presses with roll feeder and slide.
-Rocker up to 200 tons.
-Profiling (for the realization of sliding).
-Automatic threading.
-Pipe bender.
-Wire Forming.
-Assembly cells.
-Orbital Riveter.

For the production of welded parts we have:
-Point welding, projection and MIG.
-CO2 Welding Robot.

In the field of metrology and conducted the most comprehensive metallographic measurements and controls that ensure the quality of our products. It is equipped with:

-Profiles measuring machine
-Poli measuring machine 3
-dimensional axis of all kinds
-Mitutoyo Measuring Arm

MARO tooling design and construction, devices and gauges.
We own molds and specialized personnel for the generation of our tooling and for others, equipped with:

-Thread Cutting Machines
-Electric Machine
-Milling Machines, CNC Machining Centers

MARO surface coating.
-Paint dust.
-Painting by electrocoating.

For the production of painted parts we have:

-Oven cabin and Electrostatic Paint.
-Cataphoresis Line
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